Saturday, September 8, 2012

Shout Out Saturday!

Good Afternoon Friends!!

Right now I am most likely here. Hi, I'm Elle and I'm a work-acholic. Cue the "Hi Elle".

Anyways I'm super excited to write this post and link it up with Cait! I LOVE reading her posts and with our love of books I know I can always go to her for an awesome recommendation :)

So with Shout Out Saturday you give your fave bloggers a nice little shout out... this is brilliant because now we can ALL become fast friends and have EVEN MORE blogs to read :)

Obviously I have to include Cait on this. She is a bloggerspiration and her posts are funny! Plus her wedding pictures are to die for... I stalk them daily ;)

Then there is Leslie. She is beautiful, amazing writer, student, and all around such an inspiring person. She was my first "lifestyle" blog read and I love emailing her and stalking her blog :)

And there is Janae. She is a runner turned mommy and all around hilarious. I ALWAYS go to her blog for a good laugh and look at adorable baby pictures. She founded my interest in Cafe Rio and Yogurtland. She is a candy lover too! Check her out... now please :)

 Last, but certainly not least is Christine. She is number 1 in my book for so many reasons... she is my dearest friend, carpool buddy, fellow teacher, funny, an amazing wife and mom to furbabies. She is also a great writer and has the craziest stories to share. I don't know how she does it because I'm with her for some of them but they just aren't as funny unless she retells them. Please show her some love :)

 Link-up and share who your favorite bloggers are so we can be friends!


  1. You are too sweet!! I'm so glad we have found each other in this lovely world of blogging :) I enjoy reading your posts so much too! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!

  2. What a cool chair Christine is sitting in for her picture.


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