Wednesday, August 29, 2012



It's Wednesday!!! Actually Wednesday is O-V-E-R! Only 1 more day to dress up, then 1 jeans day and then a nice long weekend! Oh and my BIRTHDAY is on Friday!! 

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Here's What I'm Loving Today!
My student G made the best song for me today: HEEYYYY Ms. Hattannnnn!!! It's only 3 days till your BIRTHDAY! Then it'll be 2 days away! Then 1 day till we PARRTTTAYYY!!! Hey Hey it'll be your BIRRTHHHDAYYY!!! To say he is dramatic is putting it lightly but I love he is more enthusiastic about my birthday than I am!

 I got to talk to my favorite kiddos this weekend! Can you tell we love making goofy faces at each other?

My cousin by marriage cut my hair and I LOVE it! She did such a great job and gave me this awesome blowout!

My students make me artwork. Every day :) I hang up ALL OF IT <3 

I love that Sparty and Llama Llama read with my students. What's even better? My students love to read with them and Llama Llama is making the rounds home with all my students :)

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  1. That blowout looks AWESOME! Can your cousin in law come do my hair too?! :) YAY for jeans day and almost the weekend!


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