Friday, August 3, 2012

Foodie Pen Pal July

Hi Friends!!!

I've missed all of you!! It's been a very long time but I've been SOOOO busy. More on that in a later post... or follow me on Instagram!

My foodie pen pal for the month of July was Alek Prus @ Run Serve Cook. I have to be completely honest, when I first heard I had a 15 year old boy sending me a box I was a little nervous... I mean what would a 15 yr. old boy have in common with a 23 yr. old woman?!

Thankfully food bridged our gap and I received one of the best boxes ever!! There is a lack of pictures because I got my box right when I moved and well... the food was devoured before I took pics.

1) 0 calorie rice... I haven't tried this yet but it seems.... interesting

2) A huge selection of granola/protein bars and oatmeal! These were so helpful with my move because they were easy to grab and filling!

3) Canned Chicken! I love canned chicken and I used this can to make chicken helper :)

4) Squash! I have yet to cook this little baby but I plan on roasting it in the oven!

 5) A full dark chocolate bar that had cranberries and almonds! It was SOOO GOOD!!!!

6) A jar of Granma Mimi's jam. Best thing ever. Seriously had it gone in a week.

7) Veggie chips! The ranch flavor were my favorite!

8) A whole bunch of drink mixes including tea, appletini crystal light, and jones soda and izze pop!

9) Some more candy! Cliff Kids fruit rope, hershey kisses, and a 90 calorie brownie :)

10) To go peanut butters and nuts! I received a chocolate peanut butter & co and a jiff to go. Also some chocolate sunflower seeds!

Alek definitely was the most... intense and funny foodie pen pal I have had yet. His blog is full of food ideas and fitness.  Thank you for such a great box!!

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  1. Who is this Elle ?(: Thanks for the reveal finally! Thanks for saying i was...intense and funny(;


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