Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kyle's Bachelorette Weekend: Santa Monica Day 1

Last week at this time I was driving back from California. Wow that is crazy for me to say! If you had told me last year "Elle, you'll be living in Las Vegas, teaching, and living only 3 hours away from California and the ocean and you'll visit Hollywood" I would say you are were a liar and I would never do anything like that. I would be wrong.

Last week Christine's friend Kyle came to visit. She's getting married in September and this trip was a bachelorette trip. Her friend Alex came too and we all hit it off and became fast friends! Yay, I really love having new friends and these girls are something special :)

Disclaimer: these are just a few of the pics from the trip... there were over 300 thanks to Alex. 

Kyle and Alex really wanted to go to Freemont St. so Sunday night we hit it up.
Kyle, Christine, & I

Freemont St. is pretty awesome. There were concerts, and tons and tons of people watching. We happened to be there when there was a deaf conference there. All 4 of us girls new about 4 signs between us. It was very interesting to watch.

My favorite show of the night was this 80s band. They played all the greats and were really good! We also got great standing positions because we were maybe 4 of 10 hearing people...

Every hour the lights on the street go out and the ceiling lights up and there is an awesome light show. The first one we saw was a dedication to Queen and this awesome keyboard came on the ceiling.

The next day we decided to take a road trip! I had just gotten my new car and needed to break her in! We googled mapped it and Hollywood and Santa Monica were only 3 1/2 hours away. Christine and Kyle found an amazing deal on a 4 star hotel and we loaded up the car and took off.

First stop was the Hollywood sign!

Alex & Kyle

Christine & I

All the girls :)

Then we drove to Hollywood Walk of Fame and walked the whole thing... interesting fact... there are many duplicate stars!

Chinese Theater

Kyle & Alex @ Hooters

We were very excited... and STARVING!
Alex and I really wanted to go through Beverly Hills and thankfully Christine & Kyle didn't have any objections. I mean really who wouldn't want to see where Pretty Woman was filmed or Beverly Hills Nannies or the House Wives of Beverly Hills?! W felt pretty awesome because my new car kinda fit right in. Christine decided that I was in high school and just given the car as a birthday present.... Yea... I wish! ;)

Rodeo Drive!

Beautiful Drive!!

After cruising through we hopped on Santa Monica Blvd and went to our hotel. When we got there Christine and Kyle worked their magic and got us upgraded to a bigger room and on a corner so it had a view! Thank goodness it was Kyle's bachelorette weekend ;)

Our hotel was a few blocks away from the beach so we quickly changed and headed straight there to lay on the beach, swim in the ocean and take some pics...

We really wanted to celebrate Kyle with a nice dinner so I hopped on Groupon & Yelp and found a nice restaurant. Actually it was the best restaurant EVER!! Delicious Italian food and great service! If you are ever in Santa Monica hit up Spumoni!

Kyle & Christine

Cheese tortellini with scallops

spaghetti bologanese

Kyle with her free tiarimisu
After dinner we went out for a few drinks. I mean what is a bachelorette weekend without going out to a bar?! The concierge at the hotel recommend Circle Bar and that's where we headed. We were nervous at first because there was us and maybe 4 other people but they were so nice and it quickly filled up!

Circle Bar!

Kyle and the men who bought her a bottle of champagne!

The day was so much fun and there are so many good memories! Come back tomorrow to read about our 2nd day and the terrifying bird incident!!!


  1. Welcome to Vegas, it's a lot of fun

  2. What a fun weekend!! Looks like you had a fantastic time :)


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