Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Triple Tuesday Tangent

Happy Tuesday!! I usually don't care for Tuesday because it is my longest day; full of teaching, staff meeting, and work. Not today though!! I didn't have to work tonight! It's the little things that get me through :)

So I'm taking a cue from Janae @ Hungry Runner Girl and doing Triple Tuesday Tangent!!

First, look at how adorable my sister and I were when we were little! I love looking through old pictures.
Notice all the pink, yep my wardrobe is still like that. Including the footie pjs and foam curlers!

I LOVE chocolate but lately have been craving salt. Enter this amazing drink. Seriously so good and easy to make!!

Best thing about not having to work tonight? I get to watch these shows on actual t.v. when they air!!
New girl is just about over which means I have to get ready for the day tomorrow and go to bed... I've become such an old lady!!

Did you or do you currently put foam rollers in your hair?
-Yes, I love how they make my hair look and they're so easy to do!!

Best hot drink in the fall?
- Usually it's something with pumpkin but since it's getting colder and I'm ready for Christmas I'm switching over to hot chocolate and eggnog coffee.

Do you watch Glee or The New Girl?
- I'm obsessed with The New Girl, I love all the characters and this possible romance with Jess and Nick is Dyn-O-Mite :)

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  1. LOVE THIS WAHOO!!! I love your little kid pictures:) I am still obsessed with pink too! NEW GIRL is hilarious. Hot chocolate is all I drink during the winter.


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