Sunday, November 13, 2011

3 Random Questions... Please Help!!

Well it's Sunday night again, I know this night comes every week but I still dread it every time. I had this big long post about how difficult my past week has been but I decided to save that for a later date, a date where I'm a bit more peppy and feeling like myself. To help ease my mind I've decided to ask all my bloggy friends for help. Please pass this on to someone if you know they can help!

So here are my questions in no important order:

1) I love linking to different blogs when I see/ use their fantastic ideas; How can I tell if someone has linked to my blog?

2) Beginning in January I will start looking for teaching jobs. Right now I'm really looking at North Carolina, South Carolina, or Georgia. Anyone have any other ideas? Do you currently work/live/teach in any of these states and have thoughts?

3) I am absolutely loving my Iphone 4 but I need help finding good, fun, cheap (preferably free) apps!! Give em' to me!

As stated before please pass on this post if you know someone who might be able to help answer 1 or all of these questions.

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