Friday, April 29, 2011

Why I Love My Job

This is going to be super quick and no pictures, I'm sorry!

Right now I'm substitute teaching for a 1st grade class. I've been in this class for 4hours every Thursday since the beginning of the year so I really feel that this is like my own class. Today I'm having the students write "How To" stories. Some of the students were having difficulty finding a topic so we did a brainstorm session. Here are some ideas:

How to give a good hug

How to turn on and play XBOX 360

How to make a PBBJ (peanut butter, banana, and Jelly Sandwich)

But here are my favorite ones:

How to be a good teacher

How to let Ms. Elle let us have extra recess

How to make Ms. Elle and Mr. Stalter meet.

Yep you read that right, my 1st graders are trying to match me up with another teacher! Mr. Stalter and I have ran into each other and the students think its so funny that we are both short and we are both good teachers so we would be good together. Alyssa, one of my favorite students, said "Ms. Elle, my Mom said that when she is on a date she's in a good mood and then she gives me extra ice cream. If you date Mr. Stalter will you give us extra recess and be in a good mood"?

I didn't realize I was in a bad mood! But no Alyssa, you do not get extra recess until this afternoon :)

I love my job. I really do. These kids make my day, they make it fun. I will miss them very much when this year is over!

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  1. You have NO idea how much you will love your kids next year...after being with them every day, they really feel like YOUR kids. I can't believe my internship is over!!


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