Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jacob's Action Photo Shoot

I love giveaways. I never win. Never! But they are a lot of fun to enter and there is always a 1/million chance I could win :) So for your pleasure here are 2 fantastic giveaways that you should enter!

1) Janae!! I love her blog but her giveaway for 2 modbod shirts is awesome!!

2) Julia! She is an amazing runner and such a great person! This is her first giveaway!

In Janae's blog you have to comment about what you're loving about life right now. I enjoy this philosphy so this blog is What I'm Loving Edition.

Today I got to babysit Jacob. I nanny for him and his brother full time in the summer but since they are on spring break I get to do it during the day! Brandon was at a friend's house all day so it was just Jacob and I. Since it was so nice out I took out my camera and went outside to take some pics-- which turned into a Jacob Modeling Shoot (Action Edition). Enjoy the pics below!

This kid is so funny and adorable! He should be on "Kids Say the Darnest Things". Some examples are:

1) We were playing hide and go seek. I said Reeedddd Rooobbbiiinnn and he immediately said YUM!!! (like the commercial)

2) This kid can remember anything. Seriously. I once told him last summer that I love Julianne Hough. A proactive commercial came on today and he starts screaming at me to come to the living room. He said "look Elle it's Julianne. Get proactive then you can be best friends and have clear skin!" Haha I wish!!

3) 2 robins were fluffing their feathers. I told him to look and I explained that they did that because they want to attract other (male) birds. He then goes "Hey pretty ladies" but did this cute little dance and tried to be all romantic about it!

Hope this edition of What I'm Loving made you laugh!!

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