Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mini Meatloaves!!

So real quick I want to mention the fabulous Megan's giveaway. Miss Megan creates a great workout CD every month and this one is no exception. Check it out here!!

Hello Friends!!! Isn't this pic adorable? It's a boy I babysit for (although he's in 5th grade and got to stay home alone for 1 hr today so now I pretty much don't exist to him). I got to watch him and his brother this afternoon and took them bowling!

Like I said before I got to take the boys bowling. Below is Jacob. He is so freaking cool, if I could spend all day with him I would. He doesn't let his big brother boss him around. Plus he still likes to be with me and doesn't think I have cooties <3

This isn't the absolute best picture of me, actually it's quit awful but it was so much fun trying to make Jacob smile. I was tickling him before this picture so he gave my camera the stink eye!!

Yesterday I posted about my weekend home. While I was there my Mom told me that she had started reading Joy Fit Club. I flipped through it and found a recipe for Mini Meatloaves. They are so cute and so delish!! They are full veggies (carrots, onions, red peppers, celery) and made with ground turkey-- Uber healthy!!
After dinner I treated myself to some Peanut & Co White Chocolate Wonderful with 1/2 a pink lady apple. Sorry I didn't take a better pic but it was so good I couldn't wait!!
While eating my desert I watched Parenthood. If you've never seen this start watching! I love Lauren Graham, especially in Gilmore Girls. She has the wittiest remarks and I would love to meet her in person. This last episode was especially good because it was about Prom and had some good fashion :)
Alright Bloggies that's all for tonight. It's 11:30 and I get to be up and early tomorrow to workout, class, and work!! Sweet Dreams <3

1) Do you like bowling? Are you good at it?
* I love bowling but I'm really bad at it. Today my score was 86!

2) What is your favorite nut butter?
* I usually just have regular peanut butter but I'm loving the White Chocolate. I really want to try Almond Butter but it's so expensive!!

3) Who is your favorite Mom character?
* I love Lorelai Gilmore. I wanted to be Rory growing up!


  1. Those looks so yummy! I am a huge fan of meatloaf (especially wrapped in bacon oh mah gosh soooo good). My mom is a health nut and really into almond butter, but I just can't bring myself to try it for some weird reason. I can't fathom having anything but peanut butter!

  2. Thanks for the link post!! I saw those mini meatloaves when Joy made them on the Today show. SO darling! Perfect for portion control too! love the blog! Awesome!! Have a GREAT day! xoxoxo


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