Saturday, March 22, 2014

What I Learned From Living With....

Did I leave you with a suspenseful feeling? What I learned from Living With... Really? Did I just do that. Yes. Yes, I did. Curious to see who I lived with?

Drumroll please... My Best Friend's Husband.

I think that would make a great movie title. What I learned from Living With My Best Friend's Husband. Call me someday Spielberg, we'll set it up ;)
 Alright, back to the whole point of this post. As you all know or don't know, Christine is my best friend. She is HAPPILY married to Rex, they are the epitome of a great couple. A few weeks ago, Rex came to stay with me for a week because he had classes. I was pumped to help out a friend, and have some company. It was a great visit, but I learned a few things and here they are (in no particular order).

1) Having someone to come home to and ask about your day is awesome.

2) Men really don't care about the details. I asked Rex what he wanted, made a couch 'bed', even lit candles so it smelled good. While I know Rex was appreciative, he could have slept on a sleeping bag and felt the same way.

3) He eats. A lot.

4) When I get married, my house will have to have 2 bathrooms. Or a place to do my hair & make-up.

5) I really enjoyed 'taking care of' someone. I.E cooking, cleaning, laundry.

6) My future husband will have to like How I Met Your Mother & Big Bang Theory (thanks for watching with me Rex).

8) Cooking for two and conversing with someone is more fun than eating alone.

9) Rex is great at staying calm, and even mannered. I knew this before, but spending a whole week with him really let it sink in.

10) I have the best friends in Christine & Rex. They are so supportive and loving to everyone in their lives. My future husband will have to love them, as much as he loves me, because I'm not giving them up for the world :)

So, kind of mushy, but I felt lucky to have this experience. Christine, thanks for letting me write this post!!

Always believe in Faith & Serendipity,

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! "He eats. A lot." So true. He eats SO MUCH FOOD. But I love that guy. :-) Thanks for taking care of him for me.


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