Sunday, March 2, 2014

Let's Be Honest

Hey You! Yes you, who is reading this. Thank you! I know I've been gone forever awhile, and  you had probably given up on me as a blogger. To be honest so did I.

Here's the thing, I've never been a writer. In grade school I didn't keep a journal, I didn't care for language arts class, and I've never felt inspired. If you want to read something inspiring, go to Christine's Blog or read her book Elsie Files. I really enjoyed reading blogs though, and blogging. First, it started out as a health blog to keep me on track, then I expanded to life in college. When I moved to Las Vegas, I changed the blog, and started talking about more "adult" topics.

Recently though, I've noticed I'm not really providing much content. I've become a 'fluff' blogger. A 'fluff' blogger is one who participates in link-ups to get followers, one who does not post that often, or posts everyday nonsense. I find them annoying to read, so I'm sure I've been annoying. I'm sorry. It is ending here.

I've made a decision. I want to blog, I want to try writing, I want to put myself out there and be completely honest. That is what I'm doing. I'll still participate in link-ups because lets be honest, who doesn't love a good Currently or Dear Letters post. Along with that though, I'll be talking about my life. What it is like to be working on my fitness (did Fergie pop into your head?), to be 25 and living in Las Vegas, and about the dreadful dating thing.

I hope you like the changes you'll be seeing. I hope you keep reading, and following. 

Always believe in Faith & Serendipity,

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