Monday, March 4, 2013

5 For Five

I really wish I could come up with a more catchy post title. You see all these awesome first sentences too. Oh well, I hope you'll settle with plain, old me and my linking abilities with Jess & Jenn.

Let's review. Red Means Fail. Green means Success. Yello means meh. 

1) Eat Clean 5/7 Days of the Week- I got 4 days of clean eating in...this week will be better.
2) Blog at least 3 Days-Haha this was a joke.
3) Workout 4 Days
4) Be Productive- I did do this at school! I had parent meetings, got copying done, etc. Didn't do it at home though.
5) Continue My Bible Study- This was a joke too. We didn't even do Bible Study last week, we just sat and talked (which was much needed). 

Moving on. This week I want AT LEAST one Success!

1) I NEED to be more connected to my social media. I miss my bloggy friends like Kristen, Jenn & Leslie. 

2) Get caught up on grading. I recently had a meeting with someone who believes that homework is a waste of time. While I completely disagree, it would make my life a lot simpler! 

3) Decide what I want next year. I love the school I'm at. It's challenging, it makes me think and create lessons that will constantly engage my students. That being said, I can choose to stay at 3rd grade, move up to 4th or possibly 5th, or be a special ed teacher. I need to do some research and soul searching.

4) Tackle my Apartment. I'm going to follow in Elyse's footsteps on this one. I assigned a room/area for a day and am going to clean it. Not deep clean but vacume, dust, sweep, and make sure everything is tidy. 

5) Clean Eat/Workout 5 days! Lately I've been hating the way I feel, hating the way my clothes fit and even my skin is breaking out. I have a goal and I want to hit it.  

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  1. I am with you on the soul searching!! I just told my principal I wasn't coming back next year and it was so hard, but it's totally the right decision for me. It'll come to you. Don't stress about. The more you stress, the more you're making a decision when your mind is racing=not good!! BTW-kudos for clean eating 4/7 days!! you go girl!! I'm trying harder this week as well!! come back to bloggy land---I've missed you!!! :)


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