Monday, March 11, 2013

5 for Five + Promotion

It's Monday. This weekend went by WAY too fast. But you know what I'm ok with that. This week was so exciting for so many reasons. I can't share all of them yet BUT I can share this... I WAS PROMOTED AT OLD NAVY!

Now some may be wondering... "Aren't you a teacher?". Yes, I am. But being a new teacher making diddly squat and having to pay off loans, car payments, apartment, etc. I had to take another job back in October. I'm very lucky to have been hired at Old Navy because it's a wonderful company to work for, I love their clothes and my managers/staff are so much fun to work with. I'm so excited for this promotion because it is a next step and my managers are appreciating all the hard work I do there.

 The ONE good thing about Mondays is I get to link-up with Jess & Jenn. These girls are seriously amazing and if you don't want to link-up at least check out their blogs!

Pink=Success, Purple=Partial, & Yello= Fail.

1) I NEED to be more connected to my social media- I was connected to facebook and twitter a little bit and I scrolled through Instagram but I didn't have any "conversations" with people. I'm finding this a bit difficult.

2) Get caught up on grading- I got a lot done tonight. I still have a lot to go this week because the quarter ends on Friday and report cards are due next Friday.

3) Decide what I want next year-I didn't even get a chance to talk to my Principal about this.

4) Tackle my Apartment- Success! I loved this. It made my time more productive.

5) Clean Eat/Workout 5 days! - Eating clean was the easy part... now to get those workouts in!

Goals for this week

1) Blog, Blog, Blog- I have some great posts I want to share with you all! Including funny student stories, VoxBox reveal and how I do clean eating.

2) Workout at least 3x this week- I'm making this more realistic. With my crazy schedule right now I just can't do 5 days.

3) Go to bed early (9-10pm) This explains itself.

4) Stick to my Cleaning Schedule- This worked so well last week I want to keep it up!

5) Finish my book- I started reading "Conversations with a Fat Girl" and it's good but I want to finish it. 

I really hope you link-up and share you're goals!  

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  1. yay Elle for your promotion!! Good for you for taking on a 2nd job. I cannot even think about doing that and because of that bad choice I'm making, I'm 'paying' for it....literally!! Would you recommend that book? I just started 'The Fault In Our Stars' and so far so really good!! I also cleaned my closet and seriously felt like a new woman!!! :) Have a great week girly!! BTW-I just found your instagram, so if you have a new's ME! :)


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