Monday, February 25, 2013

5 for Five

It's Monday. I'm not happy about this. I'm in a grouchy mood. So let's just get to the good side of this post 5 for Five Link-Up!!
Here are my goals from 2 weeks ago. Green is success & Red is failure
1) Stick to Clean Eating!
2) I HAVE to go to the gym at least 4 times this week!
3) Write at least 3 postcards.
4) Get ALL my grading done.
5) Do something fun with friends! 

So clearly it has been a rough month. I just can't seem to get motivated to do anything. I go to work, come home and grade, throw in bible study and work on the weekend. I need to get out of my rut... any suggestions?

Here are this weeks goals...

1) Eat Clean 5/7 Days of the Week- I can do this. I've planned out my meals. I have a post planned too so make sure you check back!

2) Blog at least 3 Days- I'm setting myself up for success- I hope! 

3) Workout 4 Days- I need to do this. I feel better when I workout. Even if I just go for a 30 minute walk.

4) Be Productive- Instead of tweedling about I'm going to be productive. Even if I'm sitting, enjoying a show, I can grade papers. My hope is that if I do this throughout the week then I can enjoy my weekend more.

5) Continue My Bible Study- I'm part of a weekly Bible study, which is amazing. However, when I was doing daily devotions, I felt better. I felt in charge. I felt more whole.

Make sure you link-up with Jenn & Jess for this amazing link-up! 

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  1. BOO FOR MONDAY but YAY for you linking up with us! I feel like February has been a rough month for a bunch of us so don't feel alone! Can't wait to read your upcoming blog posts- especially the one about clean eating meal plans :)

    PS- be on the lookout for something special this week ;)


  2. Ugg eating clean. I tried for a couple of weeks to eat a balanced diet with the right amounts of fats, carbs and proteins. It's really difficult!

    I hope you can do well on your goals this week!


  3. I do better with daily devotions too! Just recently found one that I LOVE and have actually been sticking to! It's been great!

  4. I found that putting a number on goals (for example working out x amount of days) really helps me! I know putting the number to your clean eating will help as well!! GOOD LUCK MY DEAR!! :)


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