Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Who I Am Wednesday

Welcome to this week's edition of Who I Am Wednesday. This isn't going to be a cheerful or funny one. It probably won't make you smile and is a downer. If you don't feel like reading I don't blame you but maybe it'll help.

This week's edition is about change. I HATE change. I don't deal with it well. My mother always says to say the Serenity Prayer.
This past week I've been saying it daily. I'm going through a lot of changes lately. Some good, some bad. There have been changes with my body that I've had to visit the doctor about. There have been changes with my roommates and my relationships with them. There have been changes with friendships. I accept that change is a part of life but the changes that are happening now I'm not liking. Nope, not liking any of them other than I'm realizing who is really important in my life.

So basically I'm not feeling like myself, I'm not liking the people I'm around, and I'm in desperate need of my real family (2 weeks until my brother comes to visit, 1 month till the sister is here!!) and my church family. Thankfully I have camp in 1 week where I get to be surrounded by ALL my fav church people and some of my best friends.

I'm sorry for the downer post, hopefully I'll feel back to normal soon.

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