Sunday, December 18, 2011

Is It Sunday Already?!

Guess what?! I'm officially on holiday break! A few words to describe my elation are Yippee! Whoo hoo!! Boom Chaka Chaka!! Yep you can say I'm completely ecstatic to be done with my master's classes and teaching for 2 whole weeks.

My break was kicked off by celebrating Christmas with my step-brother and sister-in-law. It was filled with lots of wine, presents and a super cute outfit that I put together for $10!

My Saturday was filled with my 2nd family. I babysit them all the time, have gone to Washington D.C with them to celebrate birthdays and anniversary, have seen the kids grow up and now the oldest son has a girlfriend!!

I did Paige's hair straight, mani and pedi... total "sisters" night!

The Kids decided to hijack my phone... this is what I found as my background! How cute!

My Sunday morning was filled with the usual: teach Sunday School. But then I got to go to my Grandma's in Dearborn Heights! We had her side of the family Christmas Party. It's always fun to have all of us get together. We went to All American Pizza, the pizza wasn't so good but the salad bar was amazing! Look at this beauty I made!

 When I got home I was hungry but didn't want something really heavy. After going through the pantry I found a can of Campbell's Select Southwestern Corn Chowder, bread, and sliced cheese. Thus I had soup and grilled cheese!! I added cheez-its to my soup too!!

I still can't believe that it's Sunday but I'm so excited to spend this week finishing Christmas Shopping, babysit, and relax!!


1) What do you love about family get togethers?
     * My Grandma's side of the family is huge ( she has 9 sisters and 1 brother!) so it's always fun to    see a bunch of us all at once.

2) What's your favorite quick and easy dinner?
     * Soup and grilled cheese is always a go-to for me. I added in black beans tonight and it was delish!

3) How are you going to enjoy your holiday break?

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  1. I'm waiting anxiously for my break to start (officially on Friday, after work) though not super stoked for the long drive up to the North. I can't wait to see my family and snuggle with my little brother and sister. Your outfit looks lovely!


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