Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Who I Am Wednesday

I'm going to start a new trend on here called Who I Am Wednesday. This will help give a better insight into me and hopefully get some new readers/followers!! Please, please, please tell your friends about my Blog!!!

This week's theme is The Basics of Me

I have 1 biological, younger sister. She is my best friend, confident, hugest supporter and harshest criticizer. She is brutally honest but has a huge heart. She is annyoing and selfish but she is mine and I love her to pieces!

I went to and graduated from Portland High School (Michigan) in 2007. I loved high school and was involved in everything from student council, NHS, tennis, softball, track, band, etc. Somedays I wish I could go back and others I thank God I'm done.

This is a picture of taco pizza. It is the most deliscious thing in the whole world. I promise you! It is something that my Mom's friend's sell at their store. It has tortilla chips, taco beef or chicken, peppers, black olives, onions, and tons of cheese! If you're ever in town I will gladly buy you some.

I absolutely HATE lasgana. Seriously anything that can stand up on it's own like this should not be eaten. Blech!


I love nailpolish. I have a huge purseful and always have a color on me. Lately I'm loving the Sweets collection by Orly. How cute are all the colors?!

While I'm painting my nails I'm always listening to music. I'm in love with Taylor Swift like a 13 year old girl and have been to every concert she's done in Michigan.

I am a fresh out of college girl, looking forward to my future and enjoying who I am.

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