Thursday, May 19, 2011

How Often Do You Drink?

How often do you drink... water?! Did you think I was referring to alcohol :)

While I love this stuff

I need to love more of this

Growing up I always drank a lot of water, I was in sports and the coaches always push the stuff on you... add in my runner/fitness mother I drank a gallon a day.

But my freshman year of college- present day I stopped drinking it. I had access to this:

And I really thought the water at school tasted awful! Plus the lack of money to spend on bottled water, it got cut out of my diet.

Now that I'm really trying to lose weight and exercising more I need to love this more

A goal for this week was to drink 64 oz of water a day. This was my initial thought

I have to drink this whole thing?!

These little lovies helped a lot!!

The hardest time I had with drinking water was visiting this place!!


Being a teacher you only get 1 bathroom break a day, and that is during lunch. Definitely learned a hard lesson... do not drink a lot of water during the day!!!

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