Friday, December 10, 2010

Oh the Kiddies...

Wow, what a crazy semester it's been!! I've recently talked to my friend Mrs. Christine Webb (it feels so weird to put "Mrs"!) and she said how she hasn't seen me blog in awhile... which I havent so here is some funny things that my kids have done/said. I'm in a 1st/2nd grade split classroom in Lansing.

1) There is a little boy, Pheonix, who became very attached to me right away. Pheonix is one of the sweetest boys I know. He always listens, helps when there is a substitute, and thinks the world of my CT and I. Well we were recently making holiday gift lists and on his list Pheonix had put the word "Mom". When I asked him about this he explained that he didn't have a Mom and wanted one, he then asked if I could be his Mom!! I explained that no, I couldn't because I'm his teacher but I'll always be there to support him. He had a heartbroken look on his face but understood. After school Pheonix's Dad came to pick him up and Pheonix goes, "Daddy! This is Miss Elle... ok I have to go now" and he went outside to play. Pheonix's dad then goes, "oh he talks about you all the time, he adores you...etc". Pheonix comes back in and goes, "Ok Miss Elle isn't my Dad awesome! Now can you be my Mommy?" Needless to say Pheonix is still trying...

2) Last week I came into the class after being away for a week because of Thanksgiving. I colored my hair from blonde to dark brown and the kids hadn't seen it. I go into the class and they said, "Whoa! Miss Elle you look so young!" I asked them how old they thought I was and they said 25. I'm 22...

3) Before Thanksgiving we had a substitute. She wasn't very kind and didn't care about the student's routine (my kids are very much about their routine). So in the afternoon I was trying to help her by saying we go outside for afternoon recess at 2:30 for about 20 min and then come in and I read "Junie B" till 3:20 when the bell rings. Being so cold outside the students take about 10 min to get all their snow gear on so we dismissed the students at 2:20. We stayed outside till 2:50 and she had all the students take off all their outside gear! One of the students,Chad, says "Miss Elle, why do we have to take all our stuff off and put it back on in 10 min?" I simply replied because thats what the sub wanted. Chad then proceeds to go to the substitute and say "you put on all this stuff and sit out side for 5 min. Then come in, take it off and put it back on again in another 10 min... see how you like it!" It was so funny I had to hide in the closet to laugh! Needless to say... she hasn't been back to sub!

4) This past week I was telling my students how I was having friends over and we were all going to wear ugly Christmas sweaters. That particular day I had on a red tshirt with a dark green sweater. Julie (a student who ALWAYS wears Hana Montana clothes) then asks if I was practicing my outfit for the party. Guess I'm not as cool as Hana Montana.

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