Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Day of Birth--22 Years later

Do you remember what you were doing on August 31, 1988?? Most of you probably weren't born or maybe a few months old. Well, that day is my birthday which means that yesterday was my special day!!

If you did the math (or just read the title) you figured out that I am now 22 years old. 11 x 2 or 21 done again. Needless to say it wasn't a big deal for me. Birthdays have never been huge in my family, maybe a few friends over and a cake if you wanted it. And that is exactly how I celebrated. On monday my mom, younger sister, and I went shopping at the Howell Outlet Mall and got new clothes and went out to dinner. On my actual birthday I went out to dinner with really good friends and had a few drinks. One of my roommates asked if I had wished for a big party or a bar crawl and my answer was.... No. I'm simple. I lead a simple life. I love the few friends who I'm close too and they were there. I also received many birthday wishes on facebook which reminds me how awesome my life is.

So another year older, another year blessed by God, and here's to another year equally as lucky if not more!

God rocks and we roll <3

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