Sunday, June 29, 2014

My Junebug is Gone

This is a Junebug. Contrary to my post title I have not lost this creature. Nor will I ever because I DO NOT want a Junebug. Nope. My Junebug is the month of June. I always look forward to this month because school lets out, I get to start summer. Now June is over and I want to reflect on where exactly it went. P.S This is a picture heavy post!

The end of school came so fast yet SO SLOW (I know all my teachers feel me on this). Thankfully I was able to enjoy the last few days with my students and cherish those moments.

I also got to visit with my good friend Kaitlin. We met in university and have stayed friends ever since. Its awesome to say that you've known someone for 7 years and are still friends. Plus she got engaged!

The week school got out I had to quickly pack up my classroom, move it to another classroom, sort curriculum, and move other things. It was a busy and sore 2 days! That weekend I got to go to Big Bear, California. I went with my church as a youth group leader and it was such an amazing experience. Not to mention, all of us counselors are pretty rad ;)

The Monday after camp I started my summer job. I'm nannying for a little girl & boy. We are spending our days mostly swimming, going to the park and watching Magic School Bus . I love being a nanny because I get to be a kid and get paid for it!

Along with nannying, I'm also working a day camp at my school and working at Old Navy a few times a week.

In the midst of my crazy work schedule, I was able to block off some time to get my hair colored and cut. Thank goodness because it was a hot-mess up on my head. Guess what?! While you may think getting your hair done is relaxing (especially when you have a great stylist like mine) someone can totally ruin that for you. Someone idiot hit my PARKED car! Thankfully his insurance will cover it!

This month I also got to celebrate the amazing marriage of my friend/teammate/shoulder to vent to Kymbre! Her and Mitch had the most beautiful wedding and it was filled with love & joy. Plus I got to get dressed up, be with friends/co-workers, and dance with the boy :)

Towards the end of the month Yesterday I was able to try a new Pinterest Recipe! Strawberry salsa is SOOOOO GOOOD and healthy! It tastes so fresh and can be paired with a variety of things. I used chicken and chips.

I also started babysitting this little cutie! He is only 1 month old and so precious, thus it doesn't seem like work.

Looking back, June has been one heck of a month! There have been many, many ups and a few lows. No matter what though, I know I can always run to Starbucks for a blended Americano to help get me through.

Happy July!!

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  1. You look sooooo pretty in these pics!! I showed Rex too and he was like, "whoa, she has lost a lot of weight. You go, girl!!


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