Monday, May 31, 2010

Cutloose... Footloose :)

Tonight I watched the classic movie Footloose. I've always loved this movie and it's always put me in a great mood, unfortunately I can't say so for a few of my guy friends. But after I watched the movie I put on the soundtrack and the guys loved it! Footloose has a great soundtrack, which is more to say than most movies today. The songs are infectious and get you bobbing your head, moving your feet, and grooving to the beat. And while the guys loved the music (Particularly the end song) they still couldn't get up and dance. So this is my question... why is it that girls can just get up and dance, single or with each other and we aren't self conscious but guys have no want or need? And yet us girls love to have partners!! Is there a way we can fix this?? I believe there is... we need to show guys support for their dancing, even if their bad! So pick up your partner, put on some good tunes with a beat... and DANCE!!!

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